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Hey, tumblr friends. So I’m not 100% sure how to make this anything but tacky as hell but I am dirt poor right now and this album is how I feed myself SOOO if you’re in the market for some new music, maybe check it out and see if it’s something you’d like to buy. Your money would be going to a good cause because I am an okay person who cares about other people and I need to eat and live in a house! If you’re in my boat, just listen anyway because at the end of the day I made this album because I love making music / the idea of people relating to my music so if you can do that, hell yeah.


human-garbage-baby asked: Hey hi i saw that you started following me and i just wanted to say (ive honestly probably told you like ten times already) public displays of affection, on the whole, is my jam. And since i saw your name pop up ive had to listen to it all day today. Its is just precisely exactly everything i like and you're such a talented person and i just think you're neat.

omg thank you so so so so much :’) this means so much to me i cannot even tell you. of course i followed you! you are wonderful!

elizabum asked: i am so happy you shared your song today. it was so so lovely as are you. x

Thanks soooooo much for reblogging it! I usually get 3 or 4 notes when I post a song and I got almost 100 overnight after you reblogged! So thanks so, so, so much :) I’ve always been such a huge fan of you and your blog and I think you’re super wonderful so this means a lot.


shleyplane asked: You're very pretty

oh dang, thanks so much :0 this is really nice to hear

I wrote this song about how you don’t always have to be a super huge dick.

my hair is finally long and i don’t look like a boy anymore!

I covered Lua by Bright Eyes with my brother on guitar.

Cover #2 on my covers EP! The Great Escape by Patrick Watson.

Doin a little homemade EP of covers. Uploading a cover every day for 5 days until the EP is complete! Here is the first song on the EP.

tourist vomit.


with my sister best friend at the bean B)

Title: Slave Artist: Weezer 229 plays

Weezer - Slave

Tuesday mornin music